BAHE Essential 4mm Yoga Mat – TRN4530


Brand: BAHE

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Womens Yoga | BAHE Essential 4mm Yoga Mat TRN4530

Highly durable and easily transportable outdoors or to the studio, the BAHE Essential 4mm Yoga Mat is perfect for your next yoga class. Made with a closed-cell construction, this yoga mat is designed to prevent moisture from getting trapped, reduce bacteria growth and help eliminate odours. Relax and take savasana on the BAHE Elementary 4mm Yoga Mat.

  • 4mm thickness
  • High-density design provides excellent resilience
  • Closed-cell construction helps prevent moisture absorption, while also reducing bacteria growth and unpleasant odours
  • Suitable in both outdoor and studio environments


  • Resilient, high-density construction for long-lasting use
  • Closed-cell design helps prevent bacteria growth
  • 4mm thickness