BAHE Ecomat Pro 4mm – HVM4918


Brand: BAHE

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Womens Yoga | BAHE Ecomat Pro 4mm HVM4918
Do your part for the environment and start mastering the asanas in your next yoga class with the help of the BAHE Eco Pro 4mm Yoga Mat. Designed to be slip-resistant, you’ll be able to hold tree pose or triangle pose without fear of slipping. The closed-cell construction is made to keep moisture out to help prevent bacteria growth and eliminate odours. Focus on your transition from pose to pose with peace of mind with the BAHE Eco Pro 4mm Yoga Mat. Features

  • Eco-friendly TPE mat is constructed using recycled rubber
  • Slip-resistant design provides excellent stability across various surfaces
  • 4mm thickness with comfortable cushioning
  • Closed-cell construction helps prevent moisture absorption, while also reducing bacteria growth and unpleasant odours
  • Easily clean your mat with cold or slightly warm non-oily soapy water