BAHE BE U Flowloops Combo Plus 3 Pack – HVQ9328


Brand: BAHE


Womens Yoga | BAHE BE U Flowloops Combo Plus 3 Pack HVQ9328
Elevate your yoga session when you add PTP BE U Flowloops to your transitions. The resistance bands enhance muscular strength and joint stability in the upper and lower body for an added challenge. The resistance bands come in a set of 3 with differing resistance to suit all fitness levels and desired use. The set also includes 30+ exercises to revamp your yoga workout from the comfort of your own home. Features

  • Made from premium latex for optimal comfort and durability
  • Activates lower body muscles by providing a range of multi dimensional exercises that promote glute activation, hip strength & conditioning
  • Builds strength in muscles, tendons and ligaments, protecting the joints from injury
  • Continuous progressive tension that maximises muscle engagement, while promoting motor coordination and balance